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Atelier Paulin – Beautiful craftsmanship leads to even more beautiful jewelry

Atelier Paulin – Beautiful craftsmanship leads to even more beautiful jewelry


Combining friendship, fashion, and craftsmanship, Anne-Sophia Baillet and Matthias Lavaux started what is known today as Atelier Paulin.

The idea came about after Anne-Sophia’s daughter, Colette, was born and was given a personalized bracelet. A famed Parisian store, which utilizes a unique jewelry making technique consisting of a single metal thread, saw the bracelet and the two partnered up. Atelier Paulin identified an opportunity to combine a dying French craftsmanship and unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Fashion has become conscious and as a result, is leaning more towards personalization, as limiting excess inventory and creating a connection to a consumer lasts much longer than most accessories can. That is Atelier Paulin’s ethos.


Atelier Paulin uses trained and skilled individuals to create each piece of jewelry, which ranges from plain or twisted metal bangles, rings, necklaces, charms, fibulas, earcuffs, cuff links, and even children’s pieces. Atelier Paulin uses argentium, 9K and 14K gold-filled thread, as well as 18K gold in yellow, white, or rose gold. Even more is coming from the brand, so keep an eye out for new products and materials. One thing is for sure, the products are lightweight yet durable and every piece ordered carries with it a delicate message to its owner and to others.

The craftsmanship is beautiful to watch and made-to-order in either New York or in France. Using a mix of tools and carefully measured calculations, most pieces can be made in about thirty minutes.

Whether you need a gift for your bridesmaids, your significant other, a baby shower, or even an excuse to #treatyoself, look no further than Atelier Paulin. Everyone will ask you where you got your jewelry from.

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