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Mega fast-fashion retailer Asos has designed a jumpsuit that is wheelchair-friendly


"Fashion forward" and "Asos" are not typically used in the same sentence, but we must give credit where credit is due, and today it's to Asos.  The online retailer, which boasts tens of thousands of products and carries lines from Pull&Bear to AllSaints, has created a tie dye jumpsuit that is wheelchair-friendly.  The piece, which can unzip to create just a top and bottom, is also fully waterproof for unexpected weather.  It's also designed to prevent it from riding up and boasts longer seams in the back. 


The $64.00 jumpsuit is modeled by Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who collaborated with Asos to create the piece.  After a bad experience at an outdoor festival, the model who is in a wheelchair decided to create an outfit that was suitable for everyone, including individuals with disabilities.  


Creating the piece was not all that difficult, either.  Measurements and specs on the piece can easily be designed by any professional if the need is there.  Yes, Asos copies designers and it's no secret that inclusivity is "in" and trending, but what does our contemporary and innovative designers have to say? 

For once, fashion may be turned on its head and we may see luxury copying Asos - and in this case, they should.

The shop-in-shop model - what exactly is a concession contract?

The shop-in-shop model - what exactly is a concession contract?

Not so fast... fast fashion may be providing one crucial benefit in an otherwise financially discriminative industry