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Silverado Vineyards - Best Atmosphere & Hosts in Napa Valley

Silverado Vineyards - Best Atmosphere & Hosts in Napa Valley


In a 1976 wine tasting competition featuring notable French wines and Napa Valley wines, to everyone’s surprise, the Napa Valley wines came out on top.

This was the first time that New World wines had competed – and won – against Old World established wines. It was then that Napa Valley wines were put on the map.

Today, Napa’s wine culture is known around the world. Not only does Napa consistently make some of the most coveted wines, but it is also of interest to scientist. Napa’s climate resembles that of a Mediterranean climate, which only 2% of the world boasts, and is said to enable the highest production of quality wines.

Despite the heartbreaking forest fires that threatened Napa late last year, the region is filled with vibrant greens and rows of promising harvest. Very few wineries suffered damages, though charred trees are still visible off in the distance. Napa was beautiful and thriving and I’d like to share with you several of my favorite wineries.

First up:  Silverado Vineyards

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Founded by Diane Disney of the Walt Disney family, Silverado’s tasting room features a floor to ceiling window showcasing magnificent views of the Stags Leap district. No surprise as to why this winery was already bustling at 10:30 a.m., the tasting room boasts grandiose views of its vineyard and the rolling Napa Valley hills, while a veranda surrounded by a tiered flower wall greets you and offers fresh air. The winery is not only a beautiful oasis, but also home to art, both fine and fun (including prints of Disney characters, like Ratatouille holding a glass of red!). Every detail in this winery was well-thought out, from the fine Portugal cork to hand-picked upholstery in the great hall. Old New York City street cobblestones line the Wine Club terrace ground, and solar panels are used to conserve energy. Silverado wines are given just as much attention to detail, if not more. Comprised of six vineyards, Silverado is able to make a variety of wines each offering a different taste from wine country, including its impressive SOLO Cabernet, which is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The hosts and atmosphere at Silverado will leave you feeling energized and animated, as will its wine.

Must Try: Limited Release 2013 SOLO Cabernet Sav. | 2016 Chardonnay

Pine Ridge Vineyards - Best Private Experience & Caves in Napa Valley

Pine Ridge Vineyards - Best Private Experience & Caves in Napa Valley