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Black Stallion Winery - Best Range of Wines in Napa Valley


Rather new to the Napa scene, Black Stallion’s grounds are rich with history. Previously home to Silverado Horseman’s Center, including riding trails, stables, and an arena,the grounds now strewn with grape varietals still pay homage to its equestrian roots. Black Stallion’s tasting room centers around a large circular bar, with fireplaces and plush chairs throughout. The tasting room offers an enormous selection of wines, some of which you will only get to try here. If interested in getting to know the grapes on a more personal level, Black Stallion offers a demonstration section, where guests can touch, smell, and taste the different grape varietals used in Black Stallion wines. A private tour will show you around the barrel aging cellar and the beautiful grounds of the vineyard. If you’re pallet appreciates a wide range of wines, a stop at Black Stallion is a must.

Must Try: 2014 Bucephalus

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